SEO HERO TIP 1 - Why SEO Is Actually All About Content

You may have heard about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but perhaps you are unsure why you need it. Above all, you might not know what it is. Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting traffic from free and natural search results on search engines. There are few things more important to your site than having a high ranking, however, you will get different answers from people about how to achieve this. Taking a look at Google’s guidelines on the Webmaster tools, some of these questions will be answered accurately.

‘Black hat’ practices have been used by some individuals to exploit search engines and this has resulted to bad reputation for many websites. These websites have been buried in search engine results since Google updated their algorithms. However, working with SEO experts who are focused on improving and promoting their client’s websites can provide numerous benefits to your site.

Follow best practices

The SEO professional you choose must keep with the practices that search engines insist upon. One of the major aspects that drives Google's rankings of sites nowadays is content. Here's why we believe that 21st century SEO is all about content:

Fresh content

How often do you update your web content? Perhaps not regularly. Search engines work best with new content. This is why you should maintain a steady blog with new information. Search engines used by customers pull out fresh and relevant information when a search is made. If your site hasn’t been updated, then someone else’s will rank higher in the results.


Keywords used in the content must serve their purpose; the times of cramming keywords into a blog or a web page are long gone. You must choose unique words that lead searchers to your site. However, they must not be so unique that no-one ever searches for them, while if the terms you use are popular you may struggle to rank highly for them.

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If you have not given your site's content a better thought, it’s time you started to think about it. Fresh content and appropriate keywords will pull more traffic to your site and hopefully boost your business!