SEO HERO TIP 10 - The Five Most Important Things You Can Do with Google Webmaster tools

Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, is a free website builder tool offered by Google. It is designed to help you increase traffic to your website through search engine optimization tactics.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is an umbrella term that describes all of the activities that a website owner takes to increase site traffic through higher search engine ranking. SEO strategies and SEO tools, especially those offered through Search Console, can help your website appear more authoritative and relevant to Google's current search algorithm. 

Consider these top five things you can do with Search Console's tools:

  1. Learn about results page elements
    Many website owners and administrators understand little about Google's search results page elements. Google corrects this lack of education by supplying Search Console users with a visual example that labels and describes each main and optional element. It also offers tips on how you can improve your ranking by improving your site's appearance in these areas.

  2. Review top search and site keywords
    Although Google's algorithm does not rely on keywords as much as previous versions because of keyword stuffing, the keywords you use do have an impact on your ranking and the number of users who visit your site pages. Search Console supplies a wide selection of search and keyword data, including your average ranking, the top keywords that connected searchers to your site and your click-through rate.

  3. See who is linking to your website
    Google increases your ranking when you have high-quality backlinks. Google considers your website more authoritative, relevant and worthy of a higher rank when it sees websites with similar content link to your website. Search Console shows you those links and provides you with options to disavow non-quality sites.

  4. Detect errors and ill intentions
    Google ranks websites with errors, hacked elements and malware lower in results. Search Console supplies all of the information you need to fix damaged areas. For example, it offers details about HTML problems such as duplicate, non-informative and missing tags. It also provides you with different types of data that can indicate that someone hacked your website and added non-relevant keywords or malware.

  5. Review and correct penalties
    You can use Search Console to review partial page-specific and site-wide reasons that Google penalized your website in results. For example, Google personnel or bots might have found that your site has low value, spam or deceptive content, unnatural links to or from the site or keyword stuffing. Search Console then offers you advice on how to correct these issues. 

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