SEO HERO TIP 6 - Five Ways to Improve your Site's Ranking (SEO)

Modern consumers rely now, more than ever, on website search engine results to help them quickly find them what they need. The best way for you to improve your website's ranking is through SEO.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization involves the use of a combination of strategies and tools to improve your website so that search engine algorithms consider it a reliable and worthwhile source for information, products and services for your specific business type and industry. When your website is noticed in a positive way by search engines, it ranks higher in search results and attracts more searchers. 

Consider the following methods for utilizing SEO to achieve better ranking:

  1. Add fresh content
    Search engines always return to sites regularly updated with fresh content to see if those sites are offering their target audiences more value. Every time you add engaging content or updates about topics related to your business and industry, your site looks more like an authoritative resource. Fresh, valuable content also helps you maintain the interest of previous site visitors and generate new traffic from social sharing.

  2. Write meta tags
    Meta tags help search engines better understand the purpose of your website. Accurate meta descriptors help your site rank higher because search engines relate the tags to keyword searches. Searchers are also attracted by the keywords you use in your page titles and meta description.

  3. Make sure it is fully responsive
    Many business owners build attractive websites with a paid or free website builder service and then receive ridiculously low traffic because they did not take into account responsive web design. Websites that look great and work correctly on a desktop or laptop computer need to do the same on tablets, smartphones and other devices. If your site fails to do so, searchers are more likely to bypass it for a competitor's site that does offer responsive design.

  4. Manage a blog
    Members of your target audience do not only rely on keyword searches for products and services to find stores. They also rely heavily on engaging blog content by industry authorities found on the first page of search results.

  5. Connect it to Google Webmaster Tools
    Google Search Console provides real-time methods for optimizing websites based on Google Search data. With it, you can determine a variety of things including the types of websites that have linked to your site, your mobile website's performance and if your website has been infected with malware.

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