SEO HERO TIP 7 - What is a Sitemap and why is it Important to your SEO?

If you want to start down the road of becoming an SEO hero, the best way to begin is with the basics. Having a thorough mastery of all the elements that make great sites soar to new heights can be beneficial to both beginners and veterans alike, as long as they are properly understood. With a well-constructed sitemap, you will not only gain a clear picture of your entire website, but make it more easily found by search engine bots, and thus boost your search rankings. It ultimately translates into getting more and more eyes on your content faster than you would have thought possible.

But what is a sitemap and what is the best way to make one? For everything you need to know to get started take a look below and have your questions answered.

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, has been one of the fastest growing industries online for the past 20 years. It involves making an effort to increase search rankings on search engines like Google, so that more people looking for your services will be able to find you. Many companies spend thousands of dollars getting their name on the top of the search engine rankings, though there are also a few simple tricks that the do-it-yourself webmaster can put to the test as well. Drawing up a sitemap is just one of these.

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is one of many SEO tools that creates a complete index of all the web pages that make up you website. Its purpose is to allow search engine crawlers to follow all of the individual URLs on your site, so that they can be included in comprehensive searches. The map itself is broken down into a tree-like format with the homepage as the trunk, and sub-pages as the branches. Whether or not every single page of a website appears to these search bots, or if some are left private, is up to the webmaster.

How can a sitemap boost your SEO?

Simply put, search engines award higher rankings to websites that have built up trust, which can be measured by a number of factors such as page views and regularity of new content. Indexing more pages helps build this trust which in turn can help boost your search rankings and get you more traffic. While only a small step on the road to becoming an SEO hero, a well-made sitemap is a necessary and relatively easy way to get started for those new to the game.

Get started today

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