SEO HERO TIP 8 - What are meta tags and how do they work?

Most websites exist to sell something: a product or a service, and attracting new customers to your website to purchase this product or service depends on how easily they can find you. A well-designed website that utilizes the most appropriate meta tags will attract the most web traffic.

Meta tags: the key to optimizing your website

Meta tags are the technical term for labels that describe your website, web pages, and blog posts. They are important as they help search engines to understand what your website is about, meaning that Google, Bing, Yahoo and the like can show users your site (hopefully towards the top of the first page of the SERPs) when they search for certain keywords.

For example, a web search for "Baked Alaska" will result in websites with recipes for the dessert. Tagging your website with a meta tag "recipe, culinary" will help; also, tagging your blog post with the meta tags "recipe, dessert" will garner even better results. The more appropriate the meta tags you use, the more accurately search engines will rank your website for a user's keyword search. There are three types of meta tag: title tag, description tag, keyword tags.

  • Title tags bear the highest importance. These tags very specifically describe the exact post or page.
  • Description tags have slightly less importance than the title tags. Description tags should be straightforward and describe what the searcher might find on the site's page.
  • Keyword tags are words or phrases that a user would enter in a search engine. The keywords tag will help direct general traffic to your website.

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