SEO HERO TIP 9 - 6 Awesome Things You Can Do With Google Analytics

With the help of Google Analytics, you'll have more in-depth information about your website visitors than you'll ever need. Every feature offers a road map to internet success; you just need to know how to use it. Although there are hundreds of benefits and tricks available through Google Analytics, here are six of the most awesome things you can do with the free service. 

  1.  Check out visitor activity
    Having someone visit your website is great, but what are these individuals looking at? Do they immediately back out once the front page loads? These are questions you need to answer. When opening your Google Analytics account, you'll see something known as "bounce rate." Bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit one page then back out without moving further into the site while the exit percentage is the percentage of people who leave your site. A higher bounce rate means visitors are not sticking around, which may mean your site is not attractive or engaging enough.

  2. Where is everyone from?
    Ever curious as to where your website visitors are from? This kind of information is especially helpful as you can customize future blog posts or content towards where your visitors are from. As you already have an established visitor base from this location in the world, you can create additional posts that are similar. 

  3. Why web browser matters
    Google Analytics show you what web browser people are using to load your site. Why is this a big deal? Because some use Java or Flash while others don't. This offers insights as to if you need to cut Flash out of your site to better serve your visitors. 

  4. Keywords are popping
    With Google Analytics, you can see which keywords brought in the most traffic to your page. This way, you'll discover how to alter some of your current keywords in order to better take advantage of these keyword trends.

  5. How long are they staying?
    So you know someone has visited your website. Did they stay for a second or an hour? With the Engaged Traffic feature, you can find out how long visitors linger for. If the number is low, consider adding in a short video on the page. It may just be enough to keep visitors longer and push them into checking out more on the site.

  6. Who's driving your traffic?
    So where is all this traffic coming from? With the Traffic Sources feature, you can see which pages are directing individuals to your Site123 website. This way, you can determine whether or not social media advertising is working or if you need to consider changing how you post content on the sites. 

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